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Thursday, 12 April 2012

My new book launches in New York

By the time you read this, I will be in New York promoting my new textbook, Outpatient Surgery.

The book was originally published in the UK, entitled General Surgery Outpatient Decisions, and I am delighted with the second edition which has been especially tailored to the American market.

I have worked on the book with Professor Alan Dardik, an associate professor at Yale, and whose father, Herbert, was one of the founders of modern vascular surgery – so much so that many of the instruments we use bare the Dardik name.
Michael Gaunt with Professor Alan Dardik launching their new book - Outpatient Surgery in New York
Michael Gaunt with Professor Alan Dardik launching their new book - Outpatient Surgery in New York
Alan and I struck up a friendship due to the close ties between Yale and Cambridge universities. I am part of a research group of Cambridge academics which annually attend the renowned American university or indeed host them in East Anglia.

When I showed Alan my textbook, he was very enthusiastic and thought there was scope for an American edition and I am delighted to have got various experts on board to write chapters for the book.

There has to be some differences between the UK and US editions as there are differences in the American healthcare system compared with the NHS – although when it comes to actual techniques there are a lot of similarities.

What is unique in the UK is the healthcare system is primary care, with patients going to GPs, while in America and most of the rest of the world, patients go direct to specialists.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to have my family accompanying me in New York which means I get to mix a little pleasure with business in one of the finest cities in the world.

The book will be out on April 30 and I will report back from my American adventures as soon as I get back.