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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Make sorting out those varicose veins or threadveins your New Years resolution

Happy new year everyone. This is the traditional time to take stock and make resolutions for the year ahead. One such resolution may be to finally sort out those varicose veins or threadveins which having been causing discomfort or preventing you from wearing the clothes you want.

Fortunately, there has never been a better time to undergo vein treatment with a host of new minimally invasive methods which can be performed under local anaesthetic as walk-in walk-out procedures.

One such new method is the Clarivein technique. I was one of the first surgeons in the UK invited to evaluate the procedure which was developed in the USA. Over the Christmas break my team were busy writing up the results and submitting an academic paper for publication describing our first 150 Clarivein procedures. The outcomes from this have been very good with no serious complications or treatment failures combined with excellent functional and cosmetic results. In particular, the combination of Clarivein with multiple avulsions has been very successful and because this is performed under local anaesthetic in the outpatient clinic, rather than the operating theatre, this is a particularly cost-effective option for self-funding patients.

Following this with injection microsclerotherapy treatment for threadveins, which often accompany varicose veins, means you can look forward to the summer with confidence.

Best wishes for 2013.