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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Set your legs free for 2015

Why not make 2015 the year when you finally get rid of those troublesome varicose veins and thread veins which stop you enjoying life the way you deserve? In addition to relieving the aching and tiredness look forward to setting your legs free for the summer wearing what you want to and enjoying the park, the beach, the pool or just clothes shopping without worrying about people noticing your veins.

If one of your resolutions for 2015 is to get those veins sorted then the process could not be simpler. Call my office on 01223 305858 to arrange an appointment at a clinic convenient to you. Undergo a thorough assessment of your condition which provides a range of treatment options from which you can choose the most appropriate. Set a fixed date for your treatment and then attend a modern, private, fully equipped hospital and undergo a minimally invasive treatment performed under local or general anaesthetic depending on your preference. New vein treatments are simpler, effective and less painful with a quicker return to normal activity and usually an excellent cosmetic result.

So why put off the decision any longer, set your legs free in 2015 and enjoy life a bit more without the worry of those veins.

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